ON-Site COVID-19, RSV, Flu A and Flu B Testing Laboratory

Fast and Accurate Results for both symptomatic and non-symptomatic people

» RT-PCR Results in 4 to 48 hours (Expediting charges apply)
» Rapid Antigen Results in about 15 minutes
» Meets pre-travel screening for most destinations
» Easy registration, drive-up testing, view results online
» No physician order or symptoms required
» Healthcare provider available for prescriptions (if needed).

Covid-19 Rapid PCR Testing

GesundheitCARE Inc. is a CLIA-Certified High Complexity Molecular and Immunological Clinical Laboratory

that offers three (2) options for COVID 19 testing.

RT-PCR SARS, RSV, Flu A and Flu B

Cost: Free or $125 (see below)

  • The Most Accurate Test Available
  • RT-PCR Test can detect the virus  BEFORE a person has symptoms and/or during the entire course of the viral infection.
  • Results are available less than 36 hours from when the lab receives the swab. Expediting (EF) Fees decrease processing time:
    → $75 EF gives results in less than 12 hrs.
    → $175 EF gives results in less than 4 hrs.
  • Lab run RT-PCR tests are FREE to persons that have symptoms and/or have been possibly exposed. Insured patients are covered by their health insurance. If a person does not meet the criteria of symptoms or exposure or need testing for travel events,etc, the RT-PCR testing service is available for $125.00
  • Requires nasopharyngeal swab

→ Learn More About RT-PCR

Rapid Antigen Test SARS Only

Cost: $50

  • Less Accurate then RT-PCR.
  • Results take 10-15 minutes.
  • Antigen tests identify proteins from the SARS- CoV-2 virus to determine if the person has an active infection.
  • Antigen tests are more accurate when patients have symptoms.
  • If an antigen test is Negative, RT-PCR Test is recommended.
  • Acute SARS-CoV-2 infections in symptomatic patients show the antigen test having 88.4% Sensitivity or a 12% False Negative results.
  • Acute infections in non-symptomatic patients show less sensitivity and more inaccuracy.
  • Antigen tests costs are NOT covered by insurance.
  • Requires nasopharyngeal swab

→ Learn More About Rapid Antigen

Any Questions? Contact us Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, at (866) 942-3627

How Our Covid-19, RSV, Influenza A and Influenza B Testing Works

FDA, EUA authorized RT-PCR Rapid Covid-19 testing that is convenient, fast, and accurate.

  • Select Test

    Select one or more:

    (COVID-19, Flu A & Flu B)
    (COVID-19 Only)

  • Select Time, Register & Pay

    Select a convenient date and time for your COVID-19 test, register the patient and purchase test online below.

  • Receive Text Confirmation

    You will receive a text confirmation about your upcoming COVID-19 test appointment with location, date and time chosen and a lab order number.

  • Testing

    Show up at your designated time. A healthcare professional will check you in and administer the appropriate test, which will require a nasal swab or finger prick.

  • Results / Consult

    Results antigen tests will be given to you about 15 minutes after the test is started. RT-PCR results will be viewable after you receive a SMS text. If you are positive, a healthcare provider is available to assist you with prescriptions for an additional charge.

Register for Covid-19, RSV & Flu testing

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What is an RT-PCR?

  •  RT-PCR is a nuclear-derived method for detecting specific genetic material in any pathogen, including a virus.
  • RT-PCR is one of the most widely used laboratory methods for detecting the COVID-19 virus. While many countries have used RT-PCR to diagnose other diseases, such as the Ebola virus and Zika virus, many need support in adapting this method for the COVID-19 virus and increasing their national testing capacities.
    • RT-PCR Test can detect the virus BEFORE you have symptoms and during the entire virus infection period.
    • Results usually take less than 48 hours from when the lab receives the swab.
    • Same-day results are available at select locations.

  PCR Fact Sheet for Patient

Testing and Air Travel - What test?

Here’s what to know:

  • Get tested with a RT-PCR Test 1-3 days before your flight.
  • Get tested with a RT-PCR Test 3-5 days after travel AND stay home for 7 days after travel.
  • Most countries and states requiring testing before entry use the RT-PCR molecular test (not covered under insurance).
  • Delay your travel if you are waiting for test results.

Refund Policy

If you are unable to keep your Covid-19 RT-PCR appointment, please adjust your appointment or call us to let us know at least 12 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
Appointments booked same day or within 12 hours are still subject to our cancellation policy.
12 hour or less cancellations are a 50% charge, no shows are a 100% charge.